What If I Have Nothing To Say?

Oh, hey there. As always, you've shown up at just the right moment. Earlier today, I decided to address my inability to properly "say" something with my work. A lot of writers claim that their stories have hidden meaning and subtext, or serve as some kind of far-reaching metaphor. But what if your story about a vengeful scientist in the year 2144 is just about a vengeful scientist in the year 2144? Should I stop writing this story because it doesn't fulfill some grand design? If I'm not commenting on the state of the scientific community in the future, does my story really matter?

I often think about things of this nature.

When I published my first book Found years ago, people said, "I love your commentary on racism on bullying." I felt like I had something to say about important topics. But after M'rth, my second novella, which addressed my own insecurities in the face of potential fame following the big-screen adaptation of Found, I realized something shocking: I had absolutely nothing to say. Sure, ideas retained their constant ebb and flow through the murky rivers of my mind, but none of them seemed very important. Where were the deep, dark, dramatic stories I wanted to tell? In their place, I'd developed tales about talking toilets, people who discover alternate dimensions after ejaculating during defecation, and various other hideous topics. What the hell has happened to me? Have I peaked? Should I just hang it up/

My next book, Every Year on His Birthday, resides in limbo after pitching the idea to a well-known filmmaker. Who knows when or if I'll get around to finishing that one (story of my life). So now I'll turn my attention to Shinya Sherman and his quest for vengeance in the year 2144. If the story doesn't contain anything more than what's on the surface -- blood, carnage, and robots powered by action movie DVDs -- have a lost my touch? Should an author touch on deeper themes when they sit down to pen a story? For the sake of the all the tales living inside my skull, let's hope not.

Who knows what people will think of Cinematic Scientific Revenge Cyborg of Wayside City when I finally get around to finishing this goddamn thing. I apologize in advance, and I'll keep you posted.