YouTuber Ghostbait1 Is A Freaking Badass

Confession: I spend a lot of time on YouTube watching videos about haunted houses, paranormal experiences, urban explorers, unsolved mysteries, ghosts caught on video, and other curious things. I also watch a lot of stuff by people who are endlessly enthusiastic about horror, grindhouse, exploitation, and kung fu flicks. One of my absolute favorites is Ghostbait1. I don't know much about the guy, but he's one of the most entertaining - and underappreciated - horror reviewers on YouTube. I wish he'd post more often, but I'm sure he's got other things to do than to tell me about the movies he's recently watched.

Seriously, there are lots of people on YouTube who love to wax intellectual about horror and what-not, but Ghostbait1 really knows his shit. The dude is knowledgeable as hell, and he truly seems to appreciate and enjoy these genres. Every video is entertaining, skillfully edited, and beyond engaging, which can't be said for a lot of his peers. Simply put: You need to watch Ghostbait1, especially if you're looking for some offbeat flicks that may have slipped under your faulty radar. No offense to you, of course.